My name is Rachel Randolph. I started The Nourished Mama, not as a self-proclamation of my balanced nourished life, but as a goal, a desire to lead a life that nourishes me and my family. After co-authoring Nourished: A Search for Health, Happiness, and a Full Night’s Sleep (Zondervan, January 2015) with my mom, in which we spent about a year working toward living a more nourished life, I realized the importance of it for my marriage, my family, my career, my spiritual walk, and myself. When I am under-nourished—physically, mentally, spiritually, environmentally—I cannot effectively offer nourishment to those who depend on me.

Speaking of those who depend on me. Let me introduce you to my family.

Jackson is my five year old son. He is an imaginative, witty, blonde-headed, lawn mowing and fire fighting fanatic. He’s my daily comedic relief and the source of most of my material…and my ever-increasing gray hairs. No really, he is. I found my first gray hair the week he was born and I swear every week, I’m plucking more and more out of my wild brunette curls.

Corabelle is our one-year old blonde-headed, blue-eyed, little mama. She loves taking care of her baby dolls and her big brother, helping mama with housework, shoes, carbs and Chick-fil-A. She feels all the feels to the extremes. We're all pretty smitten with our Stinkerbelle, Sisterbelle, Baby BelleBelle.

Jared is my patient, strong, God-fearing husband of nine years. He is a high school football and baseball coach and I am a self-proclaimed Reluctant Coach’s Wife. Let me explain: I grew up in a small Texas town where Friday Night Football was THE town entertainment. But the stadium lights didn’t allure me. I always planned to go to an elite university and find a smart business man, to get out and find my place somewhere where sports didn't rule the land. Then I met a guy my junior year and when I graduated high school, I applied to one school: an East Texas University in the city he lived. That relationship didn't pan out, but God had me there for a reason. At the end of my junior year of college, I met another guy. He was a baseball pitcher, but also a marketing major like me. A future business man--just what I was looking for. Wouldn't you know, upon graduation my cute marketing major college boyfriend succumbed to an irresistible coaching gig….and darn it if he wasn’t an undeniably gifted coach....and the love of my life. Each Thanksgiving, I look back with utter shock and awe that we survived yet another football season. After all these years, the Friday Night Lights still don’t do it for me. But surprise of all surprises, as I’d never seen a baseball game before I met Jared: it turns out, I love baseball! Who knew? I fight through the Fall, with the promise of Christmas Break, Spring Ball, and Summers ahead. 

We live in a small town outside of Dallas, Texas. We love our town and the people in it and the pastoral views in our big back yard, but the city still pulls us in for church and regular stops at Whole Foods or Trader Joes or our favorite restaurants (Torchy's Tacos, Chuy's, and Asian Mint).

I’m so glad you stopped by. I hope my journey toward living a more nourished, fun, energized life offers a little piece of nourishing encouragement to you, or at least a guilt-free invitation to curl up and take a nap or put that to-do list down and take a walk on a beautiful day.