It's Nap Time America - An Election Lullaby

We were driving to school and I noticed peaking out between clouds was the full moon still hanging around despite it's buddy Sunshine having made her appearance hours before. "Do you know what my favorite part about the moon is?" I asked Jackson, my five-year old. "What?" "We share it with everyone in the whole world. Nonny and Poppy look up at that moon from Colorado Tegu in Uganda (our compassion child) looks up at that moon. It connects us all." 

In a time when everything feels divided, when we have to pick a side, and even in the choosing of a side our heart feels like it is torn in two because both sides leave us betraying our own convictions, I look at the moon and I feel a oneness, a love for the human race. Even the ones who made me want to throw tomatoes at my tv screen last night. We were all a child looking up at the moon in awe and wonder at one time. Something in me feels maternal toward everyone these days, probably because mothering is my whole world right now and everything is filtered through my eyes as a toddler and preschool mom. I just want to swaddle us all up under a big blanket in a giant rocking chair and sing, 

I see the moon, the moon sees me, 
God bless the moon and God bless me.
There's grace in the cottage and grace in the hall,
And the grace of God is over us all. 

until we're all lulled to sleep. We are cranky, and we are saying things that aren't kind or true, and we're fussing because we aren't getting our way and our judgement is clouded from fear. We are in need of a nice refreshing nap and a mother's tender love. Since I can't physically fit you all into my rocking chair, I have a plan. In the next day or two, lets all look up at the moon and acknowledge our oneness and then find a rocking chair (Cracker Barrel has plenty to borrow) and rock until our bodies calm down. (There's actual scientific evidence that rocking calms your brain.) And then take yourself a little nap, and if you're hungry, heaven help us, please have a snack. Can we all promise to take care of ourselves before the stress of the election kills somebody? 

As I always tell my kids before I say goodbye: 

Love you. Be kind. Have fun. Make good choices.