Nourished Ebook Sale

Our amazing publisher, Zondervan, is offering a sale on the ebook format of Nourished: A Search for Health, Happiness, and a Full Night's Sleep for just $2.99 through the end of February! Buy it now and soak it up over Spring Break or Summer...or, of course, dive right in. 

Here's what readers are saying about Nourished (All taken from actual recent Amazon reviews):

"I am forever changed by its message. This book is a gift to oneself!"

"This book was exactly what this tired and worn out mom needed. ... The sections of the book are perfectly divided and I loved all the personal stories to bring home the points. It is a must read for all moms - new or old!"

"LOVED this book. An easy read but one that gives down-to-earth ideas on how to change your attitude and thus change your life. Authors are aces at humor and use that to draw you in to their personal life journey and give you help and hope for your heart needs."

"I must say, as a person who is continually in search of a full night's sleep this book was like ambien to the soul. Becky and Rachel feel like my new besties, and I thank them for the nudge to take better care of myself. Their warmth and energy drove me to laughter, tears and were just like a cup of tea with a best friend."

A BIG hug and thank you to everyone who has read and reviewed Nourished, written us notes, or found us on Facebook. We adore you and are forever grateful!

-Rachel & Becky