Review of Owlegories, a New Christ-Centered Animated Series and App for Kids

The Nourished Mama's review of Owlegories, a new Christ-centered animated series and app for kids.

I am so excited to share this post with you guys! Friends of ours, Tom and Julie Boto, from The Village Church have been working for years on this AMAZING new Christ-centered kids show and this weekend is the premiere. Watch three episodes for free through Sunday night.

I admit, I watched their show with a little trepidation. What if it's cheesy? What if the animation looks amateur? You know that feeling of wanting to give your friends a shout out, but hoping you can do it and still save face? Well can I just say, I am blown away. This show is so well done. Cute. Funny. Smart. Entertaining. There is nothing cheesy or amateur about it.

The Nourished Mama's review of Owlegories, a Christ-Centered antimated series and app for kids.

The show is centered around a classroom of young owls. In the first episode, the Professor (who sounds just like Mr. Feeny on Boy Meets World) sends them on an assignment to go to the dessert to find an ancient artifact. While on their assignment, they are also to take note of three ways the sun is like God, because as the professor explains, "You can tell a lot about an artist by what he creates. The same thing applies to our God." Brilliant. As the kids go on their adventure, they make observations about the sun, like how powerful it is, and tie that back to God, teaching kids at home watching to also look for God in their every day adventures.

The primary goal of the show is to teach kids about God in an entertaining way, but I also picked up on some other parts of the show that I really appreciated, teaching good manners and vocabulary. The show uses a slightly bigger vocabulary than a lot of the shows on television, which I personally appreciate. With proper context, which Owlegories does well, kids can learn a much bigger range of words than cartoons often credit them for. With  a classroom setting and a teacher who regularly sends them out in nature to explore, there are plenty of other teaching moments throughout each episode.

My guess is that kids ages 3 to 8 would enjoy the show the most. Jackson is 3 1/2, on the early end of the spectrum, and he curled up and watched the entire first show with me. He made lots of observations, stopping to point at the computer screen to ask me a question or make a comment, and laughed at most of the funny parts--signs of true engagement. We have a road trip coming up and these shows are going in our arsenal of road trip entertainment!

If you have young kids or grandkids or you simply want to support Christian entrepreneurs breaking into the entertainment industry--Lord knows, this is a much needed ministry--then here's how you can join in on the fun and help support Owlegories in the process.  

  • Watch the World Premiere Free this weekend only! Simply go to and stream it from your laptop, smart phone, or tablet. This option ends Sunday, December 7, so make tonight Movie Night!
  • Download the Owlegories TV app. Within the app, you can purchase and watch the first four shows for $9.99 or for $2.99 each. Currently available for iPhone or iPad here in the Itunes App store. (Will be available for Android and Window devices soon) 
  • Sign up to stay up to date on new releases from Owlegories. They are working now on a DVD, a memory verse app (I can't wait for this!), and new episodes to be released in January.  Sign up here for updates.
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Owlegories Free Family Movie Night - Stream online December 4th-7th, 2014. Read the Nourished Mama's Review of this Christ-Centered tv series and app here.

Here's a little more about Owlegories from the creators.

Owlegories is a Christ-centered, animated series and interactive storybook app that teaches kids about God through the wonderful allegories, metaphors, and analogies found in nature and revealed in God's word, the Bible. In Episode #2, we look at three ways we grow in our relationship with God: 1) Prayer, 2) Reading God's Word, and 3) Fellowship with other believers.

On the first day of class, the students are sent to the desert to find the Illuminator 3000 and learn about how God is like the sun.

The students are given clues to discover three elements a seed needs in order to grow. The kids make their way to Yellingstone National Park where they also discover the three ways they can grow in their faith.

Given the task to find the Fountain of Life, the students must work together to find the right path and ultimately learn the three ways God is like water.

The students must navigate to the giant windmill on the Owlutians Islands. They must overcome strong winds and stormy weather to reach their destination and find out the three ways God is like the wind.

The kids must overcome their fear of bugs as they learn about metamorphosis and the three ways a follower of Christ is like a caterpillar.

The Professor sends the owls to an ancient refinery to learn about pure gold and discover how God is like fire.

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